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lockdown: Need balanced exit strategy from lockdown: India Inc

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NEW DELHI: In working out an exit strategy from the current nationwide lockdown, the government should aim towards bringing about a fine balance that on one hand normalises economic and social activity and yet contains Covid-19 from spreading and getting out of control, industry body FICCI suggested on Friday.

Though India in the global context, so far has not seen a larger number of cases who would need hospitalization, however, the increase of infected people in the past few days may lead to a situation wherein more and more patients may require respiratory assistance and intensive care.

“At the same time, for a country like India we also can’t afford to have a prolonged lockdown that lasts for months,” the industry body said in submission to the government.

The industry body’s suggestions come ahead of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s meeting with state Chief ministers on Saturday to take a final call on whether the current lockdown will be extended beyond April 14, as number of positive Covid-19 cases in the country remain on the rise.


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