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Farmers can avoid mandis by using eNAM

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NEW DELHI: In a major agriculture reform that will decongest mandis, the government has allowed farmers to directly sell produce from selected warehouses or from premises of farmers producer organisations (FPO) over electronic marketing platform eNAM, completely bypassing the mandi.

“This will help farmers to sell produce at remunerative prices near to their farm gate without coming to mandis,” Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said on Thursday.

He launched the required software facilities creating a direct marketing channel alternative to mandis.

Farmers and FPOs can use online facilities for transportation that can be tracked. Tomar said eNAM, which is the backbone of direct marketing, will soon be expanded to 1,000 mandis from the existing 585 mandis across 16 states and two UTs.

The minister also launched logistics module to support transportation of produce directly from warehouses and FPO centres.


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