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Haryana to integrate FPO’s packhouses on e-NAM

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Representative ImageChandigarh: Haryana Government has decided to integrate packhouses on the e-NAM platform of the Government of India, under which 3 packhouses of Farmer Producer Organization (FPO) from the state will be integrated. Packhouses have been set up under the Crop Cluster Development Programme(CCDP) of the State Government.

This information was given late last evening during the discussion on e-NAM portal facilities for online trade of agricultural commodities over video conferencing with Managing Director, Small Farmers’ Agri-Business Consortium (SFAC), Ms. Neelkamal Darbari. Haryana Director General, Horticulture, Arjun Singh Saini and officers of the Haryana State Agricultural Marketing Board also participated in this discussion.

Arjun Singh Saini informed that Haryana has registered 125 FPOs on e-NAM portal for online trading of horticultural items. e-NAM has been updated with additional features for various facilities, including registration of FPOs on the platform, inclusion of cold storage and storage under warehouse receipts, and linkage with markets, etc.

It was informed that 112 FPOs are working across the state for the supply of fruits and vegetables. He informed that vehicles such as tractor trolleys, loading jeeps and vending carts supplied to the farmers by the department are being used for commodity transportation.

He said that at present, in addition to the integrated packhouse within the cluster, these FPOs are using the temporary platform at field-level for grading and packing (crates, baskets, and bags).


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