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Electronic sealing for deposit and removal of goods from warehouses deferred

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The customs department has deferred the implementation of mandatory electronic sealing for deposit and removal of goods from customs warehouses, till April 30, after it received representations from stakeholders. The existing deadline for implementation of warehousing reforms was March 15, 2020, after being extended several times since 2018.

While authorities have not specified the reason for the deferment of the e-sealing requirement for deposit in and removal of goods from customs bonded warehouses, officials said that the delay could be attributed to precautionary measures owing to Coronavirus.

In an official notification dated March 16, the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) said, “Representations have been received from e-seal vendors to defer the implementation of the circular. The board has decided to defer it till April 30. The new date of the circular will be May 1, 2020… difficulties, if any may be brought to the notice of the Board.”

The customs department had in June 2018 decided that radio-frequency identification (RFID) sealing shall be required on transport of goods for deposit in a warehouse as well as removal therefrom. Wherever the ‘warehousing regulations’ prescribe affixing of a ‘one-time lock’, the importer or owner of the goods will have to use RFID anti-tamper one-time-locks.


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