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Ukraine and worldwide coronacrisis job market changes

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Ukrainian Jooble has made analysis on how the worldwide job market affection by the coronacrisis.The second most popular job aggregator in the world has created job searches all around the world, and ended up that the number of available job openings has changed, but not radically. The activity of employees themselves, though, has dropped of the essence.

Entrepreneurs reaction

Businesses respond to the COVID-19 crivis negatively. The International Labor Organization estimates that the pandemic can raise the number of unemployment by approximately 25 million worldwide.

In a week more than 36 thousand Ukrainians became unemployed. Most of the unemployed are registered in the Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhya, Poltava and Lviv regions. 

During the quarantine, the number of searches for delivery jobs from them rose by 91%.
Vacancies with most views and responses have been:

  • delivery man,
  • call center operator,
  • translator, re/copywriter,
  • driver,
  • taxi driver.

Previous year the assortment was absolutely dissimilar:

Remote jobs became number one search within Ukrainians. The number of online work queries has soared by 240%. Not bad, actually.

The most popular searches were:

  • tester,
  • accountant,
  • Social Media Marketing specialist,
  • recruiter,
  • call center operator,manager
  • long-haul truck driver,
  • security guard.
  • factory handyman,
  • administrator

Men and women have also surfed less for sales jobs. The searches for this job position declined by 23%, as against February.
People have become less interested in Polish job positions. During March and April the number of queries in this segment dropped by 21%. 

  • interpreter.

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