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How the crisis in the United States will affect Ukrainian outsourcing

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Entrepreneur and mentor Zhenya Rozinsky, who lives and works in the United States, wrote about coronacrisis and what to do now to stay afloat.

Cars market in the United States

In the US, car sales are an indicator of confidence in the future. Here cars are bought on credit, for a resident of the United States, this is not a problem if he knows that tomorrow there will be money. In March this year, America sold 46% fewer cars than last March. The market collapsed in two weeks. Today, the American does not know whether he will have money, so he did not buy a car or book a vacation in November.

Millions of small decisions came together in an avalanche of economic repercussions. A shock wave will fall on everyone, but those who decide that it will not affect them will suffer more. Outsourcers are hands and they are cut off first. Smart, skillful – but faceless. Dismissing them is psychologically easier.

Everybody needs money

World outsourcing centers are Eastern Europe, Asia, South America, and India. Reducing full-time employees is also expensive. Everywhere quarantine and crisis. Moreover, in India, it is the largest, because there are almost one and a half billion people in it, and outsourcing there will suffer proportionally.

What to do

These processes have already been launched, and the consequences, unfortunately, cannot be avoided. If the client has not left us, that’s fine, we will hold on to him and help him in every way. But he, like us, does not know when his client will leave, who does not know when his client will leave. To survive, we need immediate solutions.

Today’s situation requires deep cuts ahead of schedule. Our goal is to make money consumption less than replenishment

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