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Darden, Match and other stocks could pop after coronavirus rules end, Jefferies says

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Americans can't wait for the coronavirus lockdown to ease so their lives can return to normal: Meet up with friends at restaurants, work out at their favorite gym and flock to clothing stores as warmer weather returns.

But re-book that flight to Europe? Not so much. 

That's why, according to Jefferies, savvy investors may want to stay away from travel stocks in favor of casual dine-in restaurants. 

The brokerage conducted a global survey of 5,500 consumers to figure out how behavior could change after governments start easing business closures.

Droves of cooped-up Americans "have clear plans to eat out, drink, exercise and buy clothes, but not travel for a while" even after Covid-19 restrictions lift, Jefferies told its clients Sunday. "Close to 60% will return to discretionary stores within 2 weeks of lifting of quarantine restrictions. 30% reported bars and restaurants as their priority to visit, 28% gyms and 22% clothing and accessories stores."


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